International Virtual Airline


Join and fly with us


We come into DISCORD https://discord.gg/nqPR2QD.
We say that we plan to fly with us.

We read the charter. We go for one occupation and we prepare for the test.




We take the test, we receive a call sign.
We undergo two training flights and we come for regular flights.

This website is devoted to virtual aircraft company FLYBIRD Int. In other words we use the flight FSX, X-PLANE, PREPAR3D simulator, and performing flights, we compete with others virtual airlines.


How to enter?? 

We communicate in DISCORD https://discord.gg/nqPR2QD.
To enter to us, it is enough to download and establish DISCORD and to pass to us.

Why to us charter?

In the charter all rules of our communication, behavior, punishment are regulated. The charter needs to be known, and to read a minimum. He is necessary to us to secure itself(himself) against excess problems.


If I am 14 years old and less?

We take all adequate persons interested to fly.


I want to fly with you!

1 test - 2 training flights and you are with us!.

How there takes place flight?

As usual flight, except the small program which is started and watches flight indicators. Further after the end of flight, the report on the basis of which it is visible how there has taken place flight and what income is gained by the pilot goes.